Frequently Asked Questions

    1.    What is the Frequent Movie Goer program? 
    2.    Do you accept credit cards? 
    3.    Do you accept checks?
    4.    How do I know what theater a movie will be playing in? 
    5.    Do I have to sit with my under age child in an R-rated movie? 
    6.    Do you have wheelchair accessibility? 
    7.    Do you have assistance for the hearing impaired? 
    8.    Can I buy advance tickets? 

What is the Frequent Movie Go-er program? 

The Frequent Movie Go-er Program is a system that rewards you for coming to our theater to see a movie. For every dollar you spend on movie tickets you receive one point on your card. For every 50 points you receive a free drink, popcorn, or movie ticket. Please see the Frequent Movie Go-er page for more information about this program. 

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we do accept Master Card and Visa credit cards, as well as, debit cards.

Do you accept checks?
We only accept checks for gift cards and as payment for birthday parties and private shows.

How do I know what theater a movie will be playing in? 
Generally, we try to list the movies in the order of the theater they will be playing in. For example, if a movie is to be playing theater one we will try to list that one first and the movie playing in theater three we will try to list last. This is not always a reliable assumption as certain circumstances require a movie to be moved to a different theater at the last minute. If it is important to find out what theater a movie will be playing in please call our office line at 540-635-6080 and leave a message.

Do I have to sit with my under age child in an R-rated movie?
No. We do require a parent or legal guardian to accompany the child into the theater, grant the child permission to see the movie, and to pay for the child's ticket. A child will not be allowed into an R rated movie with out producing an appropriate age id or escorted into the theater by a parent who may leave once permission has been given and the ticket is purchased. We no long will accept permission in the form of written notes (with or without phone numbers) or parents who drive by and drop off their children. Parents must come into the theater! No exceptions!

Do you have wheelchair accessibility?  

Yes. Our main auditorium has plenty of spaces for wheelchairs, and our third and smallest auditorium has one space; however, our second, upstairs theater does not. If the movie you would like to see is upstairs, please call the theater at 540-635-6080 to make arrangements to have it moved at a time that suits both your needs and the needs of the theater.

Do you have assistance for the hearing impaired?

Yes. All of our theaters are equipped with hearing assistant devices. Please ask for a set of headphones at box office when you purchase your tickets. You will be required to leave a driver's license or major credit card as collateral to ensure that you return the device following the show.

Can I buy advanced tickets?
Yes, you may purchase your advance tickets for the first week of a show beginning on the Tuesday before the show opens. In cases when a movie is very popular you may be able to buy them even earlier. In this circumstance call the movie line at 540-622-9997 and listen for when they go on sale.